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Readings 8: Technology and the body
January 8, 2009, 2:43 am
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Duncombe, Stephen Play the Game: Grand Theft Desire

This article described the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The game features a young black man who goes back to his “hood” and has to earn respect from the streets in order to get a crew together. Many people argue that the reason this game is so successful is because of the character you can play. Because most people are not young black gang bangers and their life is considered dangerous, we like to pretend we are them. I know from my experience I like playing games where i can be someone i could never be. That is what makes video games so fun to me: the ability to do things you would never do in the real world and still be safe and suffer no consequences whatsoever. People also at the same time argue that this game was a hit because of its free-roam ability and its freedom to whatever you want. I have played all of the Grand Theft Auto’s from start to finish and i have to say the more important thing to me is the ability to do whatever you want with a character who you would never immitate other than in a video game. People also argue that kids playing these video games will change their actions toward people. I actually agree with this statement but and i am all for the rating system for video games. If kids are easily influenced by their peers, movies, television shows, and bands, they can defiantly be influenced by the games they play. Basically what this article is describing is what makes people like Grand Theft Auto, the effect it has on people, and the controversial behind the game. It is a very controversial game because you do things a typical black gangster would have done living in Los Angeles in that early 90’s. Many of these things people would find offensive so i think the people who are easily offended should stay away from this game, like many other video games. We like living in virtual worlds becasue we can play around and be something we are not.

1. Do you believe grand theft auto influence kids to do bad things?

2. Why do you think Grand Theft Auto was such a successful game?

Alter, Alexandra Is this Man Cheating on his Wife?

This article was like no other article i read before. I had mixed emotions about it; feelings of sadness, laughter, embarassment. I didn’t really know what to make of it. i think its pretty sad that someone would get so involved with a game about a fictional life that they ruin their own. It was very creepy and weird to me that people do this. I can understand however why they do. My understanding is that they are just not happy with their real life so they make up an identity that never gets fat, out of shape, etc. and live their lives through their avitar. Before reading this article i knew what second life was but i had no idea of the extent that people play it. I have been into games like world of warcraft but its more of an action video game that has an interactive world. You complete tasks and fight fake animals and at the same time meet people doing the same thing on the way. Maybe they aren’t very much different but i can’t really relate because i did not make the game the center of my life. It seems like this guy makes second life more like his first life. Its very surprising to me how much time and effort people put into second life. I feel terrible for this guy’s real wife and hope he realizes that he needs to stop worrying so much about his second life and concentrate more on his first. Another one of the main topics of controversy is this guy having cyber wives in second life. Is this cheating or is it acceptable? I don’t really see it as cheating but i do see it as pathetic.

1. The article states “A typical “gamer” spends 20 to 40 hours a week in a virtual world.” where you surprised with this statistic?

2. Do you think people who have a real wife but wives in second life are cheating? even if they don’t communicate with them in real person?

3. Do you think Second Life is taking away from alot of people’s real lives?

Kunzru, Hari You Are Cyborg

This article was about cyborgs and machines that are used to help people and complete random tasks. The thought of robots living among us scared me and im not too comfortable with it. I believe when the author refers to cyborgs, he refers to machinery around us and things that work to help us. He also discusses robots and the inventions that led up to the cyborg which was never really created fully. In the 90’s the cyborg was starting to be created from what i understand and it failed due to lack of funding. This article was very hard to understand for me maybe due to technical terms. I am all for machinery helping us live better, healthier lives, but i am not too comfortable with robots who see and act different around us. I don’t know if we will come to see them in my lifetime, but i am sure someday they will be invented. However, i am all for mechanical devices designed or implanted in people to give them a better quality of life.

1. What is a “cyborg” according to this article?

2. Are you comfortable with the idea of cyborgs walking among us?

Fackler, Marti In Korea, A Boot Camp Cure for Web Obsession

Personally I never really thought of the internet of being such a serious addiction till after reading all of these articles, especially this one. If kids are playing games and going online as much as this kid was, something has to be done. I don’t see a problem with having camps to help kids stay off the internet. It can be very tempting to stay on the computer all day, I’ve even had days when i didn’t want to leave my room due to playing video games or doing stuff on my computer all day. Being addicted to the internet is just like being addicted to anything else. This article reassured me of how the youth is changing and how technology is changing it. When i was a kid, all i did was play outside, go in the woods, make forts, ride my bike, etc. All activities a kid my age at the time i grew up did involved outdoor activity. i have cousins who rarely ever go outside or even want to and all they want to do is go on the computer and play video games. I can really see how technology and the internet has made people addicted and i blame all of it on the parents of the children. The parents needs to become more active and assertive in kids lives and regulate what they do. I know for one if i had a kid, i would defiantly regulate his internet time to an hour a day and i would want him to go outside and play with his friends. i think its very unhealthy for kids to be on the computer as much as they are and its the parents or guardians that need to step in to help their children’s addiction, because i believe it was them who started it in the first place.

1. Do you think there should be camps and recovery places set up to help people with internet addiction?

2. Do you think internet addiction is a dangerous addiction? why or why not?