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Readings 9: Time and Space

Metaphoris: Spacetime

Introduction – The introduction talks about art and creativity. Every artist has a different point of view, therefore, every peice of art will be different. Some people will view other’s art as beautiful and nice, while other will view it as something they are not really into. Creativity is a hard concept to judge due to everyone has different perspectives and points of view. However, the more work and real world experiences we are exposed to our world view may open up that much more. Creativity is people wanting to know the unknown, and by using their imagination and creating art, they can.

Spacetime – This article was a little confusing for me to read due its technical terms involving time and space. However, what i got out of this section was the author trying to explain different ways in which time and space are related and work together. He discusses the background of time and space and the scientists that studied them. One of the first examples has to do with the arts. He looks at painting and how the space is used and the time it takes to make a painting. He also describes how every peice of art is a space and it is set out to illustrate a specific time period. He than goes to analyzing movies, television, and plays explaining how time and space are related. Once again time comes into play because most they are supposed to be set in a particular time in history, the present, or the future. He also explains how space is used by camera editing and how different camera views can be used in order to skip between scenes with ease. His final example is the computer and cyberspace. He discusses how time and space place a key aspect in these two things. The internet is one of the best examples of time and space because of all the websites we can visit and the endless possibilities. We can navigate through webpages all day, buy things online, play video games, etc. Time and space can be related to just about anything in the world today.

Mythic Time – Many different religions and cultures have different views on time and space. Some people believe life will end, while others believe it is a never ending cycle. For instance in China and Japan, time was a combined perception of cosmic and mundane changes in a cyclical form based on nature. The way i interpret this information is that China and Japan look at the seasons, as we do, summer, spring, winter, and fall to put a time on everything. We have been doing this since the beginning of time and it is what gives us a perception of time and what to expect at a certain time.

Fixed Space – Fixed space basically discusses the difference between space the ends and space that never ends. For example, fixed space could be something like a shoe box. It is a completely enclosed box and we can see all its sides that hold inside what is known as space. Fixed space is anything thats has an end to it in other words. The author also discusses neverending space which can clearly be shown by the sky and space itself. We can not see the end and its boundaries are endless. Personally, i find fixed space alot more comfortable than endless space because i don’t like not knowing what is in front of me or in the case of space, over my head.

Taylorism – In the late nineteenth century, Frederick Winslow Taylor wanted to help the average hard working man. He decided he wanted to help companies get their work done more effieciently. He came up with the idea of the assembly line which in turn would make the worker’s job easier and more efficient. He set out to help people and provide them with a less grueling job. However, companies did not think of their workers and the only thing they saw come out of this invention was more business. This article also goes on to explain another experiment where workers were dotted with lights against a black background and were recorded while they worked. These two experiments or inventions saught to improve time and space. The efficiency factor is the time and the physical laborers and machinery is the space.

Einstein – This section of the page discusses the history of different theories. Time and space have been studied by scientists for so long and the first example he gives has to with planets and the sun. During the time it was said that the earth was the center of the universe and all the planets revolved around it. However, Galileo proposed that the sun was at the center of the universe and all the planets revolved around it. The Catholic church was outrages by this because it was challenging what was already thought as “right”. This goes to show how morals and culture judge what people believe and that seperates us from each other. At this time, it could be very dangerous to challenge a previously “thought to be known” theory and the church or society might look down upon you for doing so. This aricle also explains Einstein and many others theory of gravity and the speed of light.We have a knowledge now for gravity and light thanks to these scientists who took the time to study them first and make a set of “rules” that explain what happens and why in regaurds to light and gravity.

Acoustics and music – Music is another great depiction of time and space. Historically, music has almost always had rythm which is basically the use of notes combines in a certain time. If notes are closer they sounds faster in time and if they are further away from each other, they sound further away in time when played. Timing is music and without it it would not sound right. The article also decribes how music is related directly with space as well. Different types of music are played at different places. For example big bands like KISS moved their music into stadium which is a very large space with tons of people. Because of its size, people might not be able to be as close to the musicians as they would normally. Hip-hop can be heard from stoops in New York or other urban areas and this explains yet another space in which certain music is heard. Finally church music is said to sound best in a cathedrial. Cathedrials have big domes typically and are rounded and hard surfaced, giving the music the ability to bump around the room. The organ and singing work together to make a beautiful sound in a large cathedrial.

1. What are some things you learned about space and time from this reading?

2. How do you think time and space are related?

3. Do you think our perception of time and space would be different if it were not for people like Einstien and Galileo?

4. How do you think music is related to time and space?

Virtual Hunting

I think the idea of people being able to go on their computer and go hunting is different than the sport of actually hunting. if anything, From what i got from this video, a hunter is basically hosting a website in order to give fellow hunters a chance to practice hunting and do what they like to do virtually. I think alot of hunters prefer the traditional meathod of hunting and are reluctant to adapt to virtual hunting. If anything, i think virtual hunting would help train hunters for the real thing. Its a great meathod for teaching people how to hunt if they are interested and get a better feel for it before they commit to it. Guns and hunting gear could be very expensive and if you commit to it, you have to go all out and buy the materials. This could give prospective hunters an idea if they are willing to invest the time and money in the real thing. Video games are really adding to the experience of different activities and give people a better understanding of the experience, especially simulators such as the virtual hunting one. This game is basically a hunting game from a hunters perspective and because it is different than the traditional ways of hunting, it recieves a good amount of criticism. The video was even saying that this virtual hunting simulator might even soon be required in order to do the real thing. I don’t really see anything wrong with that because it trains people and gives them an idea of what they are getting themselves into, it can also teach them how to use the equiptment and teach them hunting safety. However, the game is controlled by the computer and you can actually kill live animals. With this said, as far as morals go, i think virtual hunting is not much morally different than real hunting because either way an animal dies. I can see why experienced hunters would be apposed to the idea because it goes against what they are used to. Traditional hunters like the whole experience of hunting: waking up early, climbing into a small tree hut, and waiting for animals to come out.

1. What do you think of virtual hunting?

2. Why do you think hunters might be against virtual hunting?

Virtual Iraq and PTSD

I think virtual Iraq is a pretty neat groundbreaking experience but im not exactly sure if it will help people get over their post traumatic stress disorder. I feel like the soldiers that come back from Iraq with this disorder have a hard time remembering Iraq and don’t really want to be reminded of what happened. What this virtual reality program does is basically makes the soldiers feel like they are back in Iraq but they are not fighting or being aggressive. They put on virtual reality goggles and hold a fake gun and as they look around, they can see the images of a virtual world which is known as Iraq. As they go through the game, they can hear the sounds of war, see people fighting and dying, and even smell the smells they would smell in Iraq. With all these senses going on and not being able to fight, this virtual reality game sets out to give the soldiers a sense of peace and NOT a sense of revenge. From my perspective, if i was a soldier in Iraq and saw my friends die to the hands of Iraque soldiers, i would be outraged to be brought back into the moment. If anything i feel like it would give me more anger and rage to see the things going on that i saw when my friends or fellow soldiers died. However, contrary to my belief, the spokesman of this video said that they have had success with this treatment that really surprises me. But i guess it would be hard for me to be able to tell if it would work or not because i have not been through a traumatic war experience.

1. Do you virtual Iraq is a good tool to helping people with post traumatic stress disorder?

2. How would you feel if you went through something traumatic in war and experienced this virtual reality simulator?